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SmartZoom ClassRoom

With SmartZoom® ClassRoom you can provide students and doctors with annotated digital slide boxes, and you can access your histology slides or other high-resolution medical images — from anywhere at any time. And: You can easily add expert annotations and help your students learn with this innovative digital microscopy solution.

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PathoZoom Market Access Suit

Is microscopic diagnostics necessary to ensure that patients receive the right therapy and drugs of your company, for example in cancers or diseases diagnosed with immunohistochemistry? Welcome to the PathoZoom® Market Access Suite (MAS)!

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PathoZoom Digital Lab

PathoZoom® Digital Lab is the perfect solution to enable the pathologist to work efficiently from home!

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PathoZoom Scan & Diagnostics Suite

With the PathoZoom® Scan & Diagnostics Suite, you can scan and share a slide in one minute, and your main laboratory or colleagues can view it immediately

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PathoZoom LiveView

With PathoZoom® LiveView, you can broadcast the image directly from your microscope with the highest resolution levels to one or many colleagues simultaneously over the Internet or via your clinic’s internal network.

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PathoZoom diagnosticAssistant

PathoZoom® LiveView and PathoZoom® SlideCloud now come with the PathoZoom® Diagnostic Assistant: the revolutionary and super-fast quantifier based on artificial intelligence!

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PathoZoom Clinical Trials

With the PathoZoom® Clinical Trials Suite (CTS), you can now digitize and group all histology slides of your clinical trials in one place — from anywhere at any time.

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