About us

Welcome from “Mosandah”

Mosandah provides a range of technical services to businesses, including software development,
infrastructure services, information, and network security services, as well as outsourcing and
recruitment services across various sectors.
“Mosanda” is here to Help Your Business Grow and Success!

Who we are

Mosandah leverages its professional experience, qualified resources, and expertise across telecommunications, IT, electronics systems, and cyber security sectors to provide end-to-end operation and maintenance.

Maintenance services cater to residential homes, commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, private compounds, industries, and government complexes.

Services can be provided on demand and contractual basis. Services are offered 24/7 with a defined SLA. Customers can register their requests through calls, emails, or website direct chat. The maintenance supervisor will log in and check the required details, agree upon terms and conditions, and dispatch the concerned technical team to the location. Maintenance personnel will survey the site and provide necessary services. Appropriate billing is invoiced and a customer satisfaction survey is done to close the request.


  1. Improve internal work procedures to ensure optimal compliance with cybersecurity requirements in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and international specifications.
  2. Develop ICT infrastructure to ensure business continuity and adhere to confidentiality and security requirements.
  3. Build and strengthen the technical capacities of our clients through the provision of training and awareness programs for employees and regular inspection of cybersecurity and data protection requirements.
  4. Study the needs of our clients to develop teleworking environments and optimally develop performance measurement indicators and tools according to this methodology.
  5. Assist our clients in establishing procedures and adopting appropriate and effective technologies to measure and enhance customer experience, including AI techniques.
  6. Help our clients improve the technical requirements of projects in terms of ICT infrastructure, information security, and premises security and help them design services according to international requirements to further enable them to obtain international certificates proving this and enhance the mental image of our clients.
  7. Help our clients hire qualified human resources permanently or temporarily based on their actual needs.

office 4 Building No. 3571 Imam Saudi Bin Abdulaziz Mohammed Rd, King Fahd Dist., 12274 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia