Mosaned Application

Are you having trouble managing your business and organizing your meetings effectively?
Do not let these problems bother you in accomplishing your tasks.
"Mosaned" application is the best solution for managing and delivering your business more effectively and efficiently. It is designed to meet the needs of business owners, organize work within organizations and among team members. The application works to quickly connect employees and help business owners easily follow their business activities.
"Mosaned" application is an effective way to organize daily tasks, follow up tasks and organize meetings. One of the options offered by the "Mosaned" application is that it helps track task completion for each project, schedule meetings, and enables business owners to exchange views and proposals with team members Current projects and measuring the evolution of each project.
The application of "Mosaned" can be used in determining the date of the meeting, inviting members to this meeting, documenting the most important observations, decisions and tasks resulting from it, and following up on their implementation.

The importance of "Mosaned" in business management:

The "Mosaned" application contains many features and details that help organizations and institutions in managing and organizing meetings effectively, including the following:

  • The "Mosaned" application has a simple and easy-to-use interface to suit different types of business.
  • Containing a high security and privacy "Mosaned" ensures the preservation of your company's enterprise data. It does not allow the sharing of any project-specific information or your database unless you allow.
  • "Mosaned" Supports the two languages: English and Arabic, which are very important for many users in the Arab world.
  • The possibility of sending files and media and receiving reminders of the tasks of the projects.
  • Effective communication between the working group to develop work plans and present and measure results.
  • Establishment of a special account for each member of the team through which they can see the projects participating in him and the tasks entrusted to him and future meetings on the presence of them.

Sections of "Mosaned" Application

The "Mosaned" application is divided into several topics, the nature of each subject varies according to
the needs of the institution, with the possibility of allocating specific topics or changing the fields in them or adding new fields in proportion to the characteristics
of the subject and the mechanisms of its implementation.

The main themes of the "Mosaned" application:

Management and organization of meetings

This section contains two main parts :

The preparatory segment
of the meeting, which includes

  • Sending messages to attendees in the presence of the meeting containing: (meeting data - duration - place and confirmation link or apology for not attending).
  • Addition of meeting dates and processing of main axes.
  • Simplifying the process of communication between participants of the meeting..
  • Prepare and organize meetings, and remind members of their dates.
  • Upload the data and upload files for the meeting.
  • Registration of attendance or apology to members for not attending the meeting.
  • Sort and archive meetings by date or management.

Follow-up work after
the meeting which includes

  • Provide detailed reports and statistics on the meeting and the status of existing projects.
  • Record the decisions made by the meeting for easy reference.
  • Ability to set alerts so you do not forget to keep track of your plan.
  • Receive reminders for all tasks.
  • Organize daily tasks in one place.

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