E-commerce is the ideal solution to increase sales of start-ups and large companies. E-commerce is the cornerstone of successful marketing products. With the online store, you can manage your entire business at home.

The Company Mosndah offers its services in the design of electronic stores, the company seeks to provide the best features and offers, to help companies promote their products, to win many domestic and external customers and to increase the expected benefits of companies.

Mosndah has the most powerful team in the field of store design, the team has the precision, professionalism and unique skills that allow it to become one of the best developers for online shops, the first logo of the company ( the satisfaction of our customers is our goal)

What services does Mosndah provide in the area of ​​store design?

1- Store design:

The success of the online store requires professional designers created by design specialists.

Mosndah offers the most modern means of store design, the presentation of products to attract customers, the design of a modern store is proportionate and coordinated with the latest technology, the opportunity to discuss with the customer and answer his questions, the addition of means of payment, direct payment, the addition of means of shipping products, Products to sections and categories, to facilitate the user’s navigation, the total control of the store, via a control panel providing you with a lot of effort, providing product statistics and detailed reports of each product, using multiple languages ​​of the store, creating a store compatible with all devices with ease in product search

2- Store development:

Mosndah can provide services and solutions to develop stores, in terms of front-end development, database development and bug fixing, store acceleration to facilitate navigation, improved store performance in search engines. Also, Mosndah offers a marketing service for stores to increase the number of visitors.

3- Reservation of domains:

It is not easy to choose the right name and the right domain depending on the nature of the store’s activities, especially as many online stores are on the market. Our company therefore focuses on an appropriate domain name that clearly refers to the products displayed and allows customers to simply access the site.

4- Store protection:

We know, in Mosndah that protection is an essential element of the success of the online store, especially because the online store is part of his work. It’s about financial relationships with customers, so the store needs the strongest protection available. We provide you full protection against hackers and vandals from the store, add an SSL certificate, protect the store from malware, lock any gaps that may affect the store to prevent intrusion, periodically check the site for Make sure the store is secure.

5- Transfer of accommodation:

We provide hosting services for new and existing customers. We have powerful servers that can withstand the pressure and the number of visitors, with the right space. We have tariff plans for everyone. You do not fear the transfer of your content. Create stores for work and adapt the design of the store to the customer’s tastes.

6-Save the store:

Mosndah keeps the customer’s data. When designing a store, the company makes backups (days / week / months) to retain store data and existing files, if data is accidentally deleted.

7- Design the Store logo

In Mosndah, we create a logo and identity that reflects the content of the store, attracting customers, choosing a unique and interesting logo style, using appropriate and coordinated colors, and using modern designs. and consistent with the contents of the store.

8- Design an app for the store:

With many Internet users browsing stores through phones, Mosndah provides a store-side application creation service that allows users to easily view products and send alerts to the latest in-store products. The application can be built on (IOS / Android). The application is easy to use, so you can easily download your products and photos and manage your entire store with a phone app.