• Motion Graphics and animation is one of the best promotional tools for products and services. Ads through Motion Graphics and Animation have become the most effective way to reach the segment targeted by advertising. Studies have shown that the success of products and services in the market is largely due to the success of advertising.Mosndah provides customers with the service, design and production of Motion Graphics and Animation in cooperation with Agiad Studios, one of the largest animation and animation studios in the Arab world. The company offers many features, high quality in the realization, design and writing of the script, in a professional manner. The company has many previous works, attested by all professionals and accuracy of work, provided by a team of professionals in design, Motion Graphics and animation.

    Mosndahs provides the best services, while ensuring customer satisfaction, in addition to prices that are suitable for everyone, which may be out of competition with the quality of the work provided.

    The benefits and services provided by Mosndah in Motion Graphics & Animation

    1- Motion Graphics Design:

    Mosndah offers you an innovative way to provide Motion Graphics service to deliver information to the target segment in a way that’s right for your business / company. We have experts specializing in the study of the nature of products / services and the creation of appropriate advertising that attracts customers and manages to reach the right target segment.

    Mosndah provides through the Motion Graphics design service, an appropriate design idea, modern characters adapted to the nature of work, attractive sounds serve the work and help promote the service.

    2- 2D Animation Design:

    If you are looking for someone who offers you a 2D animation design service, you have chosen the right company. Mosndah offers high quality 2D animation design (Carton), pure sounds, a distinctive style of animation, characters adapted to the world of work. Professional video production.

    3- 3D animation Design:

    3D Animation Design Or known as three-dimensional design and it’s the latest technology that helps marketing products and services, Mosndah Provides a 3D animation design service. With the latest software and tools. In order to complete the work with the best designs, Mosndah, in 3D animation designs appeal to a team of professionals who understands the customer’s demands and turns those ideas into a professional video of another nature that adds excellence , quality and performance.

    4- Production and realization of television commercials:

    Television advertising, an effective way to promote economic activities, Mosndah offers you the service of manufacturing and producing television commercials, which guarantees you the following. Improve the brand and the public’s position vis-à-vis the product, create a demand at the consumer, strengthen the public’s desire to buy, increase sales of the product / service. Also, Mosndah Provides realization services television advertising to charities, government institutions and businesses.

    Languages ​​and software tools used in motion graphics & animation services:

    ( Photoshop – Illustrator – 2D Anime Studio  – – 3D Anime Studio- 2D – Max -3D- After Effects – Maya – Nuke )